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Post by Wolfypawz 12/3/2016, 10:42 am

Username: Wolfypawz
Real Name: Emily
Age: 13
Location: United States
Where did you find out?: I found out about oasis with my cousin. We were looking for a fun new SMP to play on.
How Long?: I have been playing on this server for a few months now. Since October.
How Often?: I play on Oasis just about every day.
Voting?: Yes I do vote. I vote on all 5 links whenever I am playing.
Agree?: Yes. I agree to not give out ANY spawned items from any kits.
Vouch?: I believe [Trusted]Tardis600 would vouch me.
Why?: I would like to become a member of Oasis because I love playing on Oasis. I would also love to help out others who are stuck and need assistance.
Trust?: You can trust me because I believe I am a very honest person. I will not grief or do anything without permission from a higher rank.
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Post by Kenyanot 12/3/2016, 12:03 pm

Accepted! Welcome to the server..
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