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Post by _Floraa_ on 10/14/2016, 5:36 pm

Hello! Natabugy07 and I have been really busy and are not able to really take care of the town to much :( We are looking at other projects at the moment and are looking for someone who is willing to buy into the town....We need a co owner. We Will cost you 1k (Which Isn't a lot Due to that I've spent 5k+ on this town) SunCity is a warp.... and if you wanna take a /warp Suncity Lots of Hard work HAS been put into this and we are looking for trusted or over to take care of the town. We don't mean that members are "bad" we just wanna make sure who is trusted by the admins and owners! If you are looking into becoming CO-Owner of Suncity Please /mail me! I am _Floraa_ thank you and have a nice day! I am formally known as _Maddy__ or _TR33_
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