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Ban Appeal

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Ban Appeal Empty Ban Appeal

Post by Vip932benggy on 10/9/2016, 3:18 pm

My Username is Vip932benggy

I really don't know who banned I tried to come on today, and It said I was banned[:(]

Like the one before, I don't know why I got banned.

I don't know why I was banned I tried to come on, and I was banned. I was gonna play this server a lot,but I was banned. I am just hoping you will unban me. This is my appeal and have a good day.

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Ban Appeal Empty Re: Ban Appeal

Post by Gr00veDriftTreh on 10/9/2016, 5:02 pm

Ok, we have found no reason for the ban and it was highly possible that one of our plugins banned you for no reason, we are going to allow you on for now.

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