Application by Clearheart

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Application by Clearheart

Post by Clearheart on 10/8/2016, 1:40 am





Through friends on the server.(CloudZayne and Okatart)

Just Joined today (10/8/16)

Whenever I have time, I'm helping my friends with village stuff!

I have! I voted for Four out of the five, since one of them was down ^^:;

Yes, I agree not to give out any spawned items!

Fidel52 (Bless this human omg)

As for why I wanna join... I live a decently calm life and stuff but due to real life issues, getting out is a bit of a hassle. So things are a bit hectic. But after joining on my friends request. The other people here are genuinely nice and cool. So I wanna be that kinda person that can be depended on both here, and in the real world too. since I have to depend on others a lot in life, I wanna be able to be depended on too. and we all gotta start somewhere. I probably went way too deep with it-- but um. I recently got back into minecraft and I missed it dearly. and I love it more now than before because of the friends I've made. and I can't wake to make more. If you ever find yourself in the Village Karlsa (Its new, founded by CloudZayne, Okatart,and Gabe1663!) be sure to stop by my house, I'd love to chat. With love, Clearheart.

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Re: Application by Clearheart

Post by NinjaCreeper92 on 10/8/2016, 12:34 pm

Accepted! Welcome to the server...

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