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Applications by grapes28145 Empty Applications by grapes28145

Post by grapes28145 9/24/2016, 2:24 pm

My minecraft username is grapes28145, I do have a minecraft channel with one subscribers , because it is new if you would like me to record, or if you want to see it, my channel is grapes28145. 
         Minecraft Username: grapes28145  Real Name I would prefer not to say but you can call me Jules.
  I am 13 years old.   I live in Texas Usa . Where did i found out about it: I found out about it to see if their was an ihascupquake server oasis and it showed this server and I decided to check it out. How long have I played on the server: I have played on the server for about a month. How long do i plan to play: 7 days a week for about 30minutes to 4 hours. Have you voted?: Yes, I have! I promise not to give any kits out without permission by only madscientist I got vouched by OasisMAximus. I would like to become a member
to help improve the server and to record and kind of advertise it on my youtube channel!

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Applications by grapes28145 Empty Re: Applications by grapes28145

Post by HealthMagazine 11/1/2016, 11:04 pm

accepted! sorry nobody seemed to have noticed this application
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