Registering on the Forums and applying for Member!

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Registering on the Forums and applying for Member! Empty Registering on the Forums and applying for Member!

Post by Paxination 9/19/2016, 6:52 pm

Welcome! Your journey to join the Oasis family starts now!

Registering on the Forums and Applying for Member

Step 1: Registering on the forums:

1.) Click the button that says, "Register." It is in the header area that reads: "Forum, Search, Members, Register, and Log-in"

2.) After clicking Register, read and agree to the Terms of Service.

3.) Put in a username, we require it to be your Minecraft username. Put in a valid email address that you can easily access in case your account is lost or stolen. Enter the password you want to use on Oasis.

4.) Confirm your password (retype the one you just entered) and write that code that is shown.

5.) You will then receive a page that reads:"Your account has been created. However, this forum requires account activation. An activation key has been sent to the e-mail address you provided." Please check your e-mail for further information." Open the e-mail you received from us, if you did not receive one make sure this e-mail did not get in your "Spam" folder. Inside that e-mail is a link to click to verify and activate your account!

Step 2: Applying for Member!
6.) Now log in with the information you have just created. Then read over this: by applying for member you agree to abide by the Oasis rules.

7.) Now go here: there is a little box near the top that says [CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION FORMAT], click it. The information that drops down needs to be copied and pasted into the textbox below. Fill out the questions and when answered click "send". Congratulations, you are good to go!

It should take a maximum of 48 hours for your application to be processed. If it has been longer than 72 hours and you still have not been accepted, ask a staff in-game to take a look.

Note: You do NOT have to put your age and location.
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