Moving update

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Moving update

Post by jandavey on 9/15/2016, 12:40 am

So I finally moved and am settled with Internet and everything, yay! 

   But as it turns out, school ended up being a huge problem. School here started sometime like August 1, and I only started going to school here on September 8. I originally was going to be able to go starting September 6, but I ran into a few issues when my original school would not release transcripts until my new school asked for it, but the new school wanted me to go get the transcript from my old school. They didn't want to contact them. Very complicated, and in the end, several trips back and forth later, they finally give me the transcript. I didn't think that over one month would make such an annoyingly huge difference, but it did.

   Currently, I am:
3 chapters behind in Algebra 2/Trigonometry
Almost 3 chapters behind in Chemistry
2 chapters behind in US History (Reducing that number to 1 as of tomorrow)
On pace with Spanish 
Behind in English with 3 assignments due tomorrow morning (none of which I have completed as of right now)
Have a total of 2 major projects, one due this Friday, one due Tuesday.

   I pretty much have no free time, as I took the maximum amount of classes I could take (Eight) and arrived pretty late in the year. All this has been incredibly overwhelming, to the point where on Tuesday, I started crying during Spanish because that's when I looked at all my things and realized just how bad the situation was. I don't sleep very much, but I'm fine. I need time to organize, study, and catch up but I also have to eat, sleep, shower, and do (or at least pretend to do, to avoid being suspected of being a fake human) so until I've caught up I really have no time for playing. I really hope I can catch up by September 30th, which is the Friday before the two week break. 

   I haven't forgotten about Oasis, I haven't gotten bored. I'm just very busy. I share an account with my brother and he seems to be able to play on the weekend, I can't. It'll be a while, and I hope no other problems come up.

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Re: Moving update

Post by dtfgator on 9/15/2016, 11:47 pm

I'm pretty good at most math through Calc 3, so feel free to ask for help if I'm ever online :)
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