Moving to a new hoose

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Moving to a new hoose

Post by jandavey on 8/22/2016, 3:56 pm

So the question maybe, where is jandavey? Has jandavey finally been captured by the United States government? Or maybe caught carrying false human documents when they traveled in an airplane? Well, actually, I did travel in an airplane and I had a funny thing when the TSA asked about me. The TSA stopped me to ask a few questions, at first the question was, "I need an ID with your boarding pass"
While in California I can drive, I do not. So I didn't really have any identification, which had me like

But luckily, when I called for my human parent the lady then asked me just for my full name and age. She gave me that look like I was lying, but I swear I am a real human. Then I realized, the name on my boarding pass was slightly different from the name I gave her. The boarding pass was bought several months ago, and I never saw what name was printed on the ticket, but I'm pretty sure it was just the Mandela Effect my parents' mistake. Also luckily I just pass through the metal detector since I am with my family and not the huge giant x-ray detector thing. 

Well, where did I go? So I took a trip to New York City, the very pretty city.

   I was here for about a week, and it's definitely different from what I'm used to. Many people speak European languages such as Dutch, French, German, and Spanish. A few Russian speakers as well. I also met Hebrew speakers, which I've never met in any part of California. Not a lot of people in NYC appear to speak my second language, Tagalog. In the city I currently live in, it's more common to hear people speak Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Hindi. But of course, I do occasionally meet someone here who speaks Russian or French. In comparison, there was quite the difference in languages spoken. Which is really cool, but I only know two languages
Aside from the interesting language difference, the city itself was very pretty. I took a ride in a rowboat in Central Park and took some nice photos. A little bit similar to riding a boat in the Japanese Cherry Gardens in San Francisco.

Although moving onto where I really have been, I'm in the process of moving for weeks now, it's been boring, tiring, but exciting. My new house does not have internet yet, but as I'm typing there is an AT&T guy setting up our internet. My internet at the moment is from my phone's hotspot, but I wouldn't use that to play Minecraft, that would be a real data hog. I have no computers to use besides my MacBook Air that likes to burn up hotter than my feelings stovetop. I have not taken my Mac or my PC to my new house yet. Well, in the day I wake up and load things into an SUV and my human parents drive an hour and a half and unload the things we brought at the house. It's tedious, and we haven't moved any large furniture yet. We got a U-Haul once but all that was stuffed in it were things we were hoarding in the garage and in the closets. It was also quite expensive with the new house being so far. We'll need one again for furniture. There's no beds/air beds in the new house, so we literally have to drive back down just to sleep. We're not doing this routine everyday,  (or else we would probably be done by now) so it's been a while. We'll probably have to get a moving company or another U-Haul for the bed frames and the furniture... At least I am done with PE summer sküle, where I somehow went through 5 hours of PE everyday without dying. 

   I'll be back on oasis in some time, I've just been busy for like, an eternity.

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Re: Moving to a new hoose

Post by mooselbell on 8/22/2016, 6:01 pm

Funny story... Agwyn and I were just mentioning how we missed you today! Glad to hear everything is good with you. looking forward to hearing more about your trip. Hope your move goes well and life settles back down soon. Basically, your leafiness is missed. -Moose

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