Coming Soon?

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Coming Soon?

Post by Epiccx on 8/2/2016, 12:45 am

Hello everyone, in October 2016, a new place will be open to the public...
    You might ask what that place might be?

It will be a theme park! It is called EpicLand and there will be many attractions and rides open to the public as long as shops, places to eat, firework shows, plots of land where players can build their OWN rides for the public to ride on and some shop plots. A water park will be opened up shortly after the opening of EpicLand right next to EpicLand and there will be a monorail that can transport you there. Hotels will open up in the near future where you can rent a luxurious room, along with a welcome gift and room service! much more will be added...

 Just hang tight and EpicLand will be open soon!

 Many other things might be added so stay tuned...

    And have an epic day :)
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