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Ungodly return to skyblock

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Ungodly return to skyblock Empty Ungodly return to skyblock

Post by Malris_Bengado on 7/28/2016, 12:13 am

Just so everyone knows once I'm able to return to oasis I will be opening up a small shop mostly dealing in iron and gold as well as enchanted drops from mobs if anyone will be interested in them. There for till now please leave my island alone. I will be back in the span of two months...god it seems like forever but no complaining here I'm grateful I can even go back. Further more I will be doing some work on my gold farm to make one on the main island not just the nether cause we all know the nether sucks and lags like a beotch (this word is okay right its not the real word but is like it? idk sorry anyways.) and caused more than 99.9% of my deaths on there. If anyone would donate any obsidian they may have left over I would be grateful for that. Cause I would like to make it how I did on a different server this huge 10x10 block of nether portals with a dropper for the pigmen to fall into. also would like anyone's idea on how to make a better blaze trap in the nether seeing we can't use water. Still think that they should work to see if they can make it happen for us in sb to use water in the nether. I mean come on we have a tiny area to work with and really its mostly lava all around use anyway. That aside if people are truly interested in any of this I do also have a trading post like area for my villagers/iron farm if you would like to use that please let me know don't just go pop to my island and use my villagers like the hoes they can be. If anything leave some stuff for other people to trade with them. There are a few farmers/fishermen/leather workers/librarians/clerics/armor smiths/butchers/and fletchers. I don't remember if I've forgotten anything but in the mean time please leave my island alone. Thanks.
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