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xChampyyy's ban appeal

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xChampyyy's ban appeal Empty xChampyyy's ban appeal

Post by xChampyyy on 7/26/2016, 11:38 pm

Minecraft Username: xChampyyy but when I was banned it was itschamp_

Mod/admin who banned you: aquatic 

Reason you were banned: grief and large amounts of /warp hydro

Reason you believe you should be unbanned: I was banned almost 1 year ago and I was extremely dumb and immature. I have definitely matured a lot since then. I would like to apologize for griefing, it was dumb and wrong. At the time of my ban I was new to the server and very unadvanced  to Minecraft servers. I didn't know what warp hydro was so I'm kind of confused as to why I was banned for that. If I am not remembering correctly and I really did abuse warp hydro I'm very sorry and if I am let back on the server I will not do it again. Like I said I'm a lot more mature now and promise not to grief ever again. From what I remember of Oasis it was a great server with a great community I would still like to be a part of. I hope you take all that I have said into consideration. Once again I am sorry.

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