Changes to AFK Timers

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Changes to AFK Timers Empty Changes to AFK Timers

Post by Paxination 7/26/2016, 11:09 am

Ok so, AUTO AFK has been changed to 5 mins instead of 15.

AUTO AFK KICK is now 15 mins instead of 1 hour.

Now you will be required to /afk just to unafk.  This is to help prevent people from afking at auto farms which isnt allowed.  Keep in mind, most servers have already been doing 15 min auto afk kicks for years.  We are doing this to help keep the lag down as much as possible.

Auto farms have a negative impact on server performance.  They produce a lot of entities.  If the entities are left on the ground for long periods of time and build up, it lags the server.  So to help combat this we are reducing the afk timers.

Keep in mind any contraption that is design to bypass afk timers is against the rules.  Like afk pools.
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