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Serenav's Ban Appeals

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Serenav's Ban Appeals Empty Serenav's Ban Appeals

Post by renamariedali on 7/26/2016, 3:49 am

Minecraft username:Serenav

Mod/Admin who banned you:Lemonadellamas

Reason you were banned:I was very disrespectful

Reason you believe you should be unbanned:I believe that I should be unbanned because I feel that I did nothing wrong because llamas was getting angered really easily because  I wanted someone to tp my friends to me, we were far away and he keeps saying "were not your taxi", so i got angry because I feel that u should be able to TP in general without donating, Also I fought with ralfkpler in the first place thats what started this all and I fought with him because  I don't think that you should be able to claim a nether fortress but that's another story, Anyways I apologize sincerely for my actions and when I come back on if I do I will apologize to ralfkpler and llamas. I know I did wrong and I will try not to swear or disrespect anymore because I love this server and im sory that i have issues with my anger and get angry really easily. Im trying to deal with that but Im still working on that.

Sincerely Serena
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Serenav's Ban Appeals Empty Re: Serenav's Ban Appeals

Post by LemonadeLlamas on 7/26/2016, 6:18 am

Okay, lets take this apart shall we? You feel you did nothing wrong? You literally said I was unimportant because I am a JrMod. JrMods are staff too. I'm going to quote a fellow staff member here. "If you cannot even respect our valued JrMods how do we expect for you to follow the rules they enforce?" I think I can speak for my fellow JrMods, and all the other staff who WERE ALL JRMODS AT ONE POINT. We love this community. We work our asses off to protect this community. We worked hard to get onto the staff team. Just because our prefix says "Jr" does NOT make us less important than the other staff. We, along with everyone else on the server, deserve respect. I respected you until you started making rude comments after I unmuted you. 

Now, in response to me saying "we're not your taxis" yes I did say that. Because you literally asked anyone you could and it got annoying. You kept saying "Emna" in chat without even checking once to see if she was afk. Which she was. When I said that, I was simply pointing out that we aren't REQUIRED to do it. I muted you because you got out of hand. I just wanted you to calm down about it yet after I unmuted you, later, kbyee asked to be tp'd you literally called me rude for not doing it. I DON'T generally TP people. Occasionally I do, but not usually. 

"I feel you should be able to TP in general without having to donate." That's great really. But that's not how Oasis runs. We aren't going to change that any time soon. You've been here long enough to know that. 

You literally contradict yourself here. You say in the beginning that you don't believe you did anything wrong, then in the middle you say you know you did wrong. Which is it? It's quite confusing. 

I thought about straight up denying this, but after giving it careful thought, I feel you should have another chance. But, I'm not going to straight up unban you. I will lower it to a week, the original ban length I'd been going to do. But do know, you'll be on thin ice when you come back. I know another staff member believes you to be, and I quote, "a decent lass" and I think we just ended up butting heads too much. I hope nothing else like this happens in the future. (Like let's not use that language against anyone, at all, that might be a good idea.)

Approved, sort of.
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