SMP2 Kingdoms Project! (And warp application)

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SMP2 Kingdoms Project! (And warp application)

Post by mefabe on 7/21/2016, 10:51 pm

Four sides (North, South, East, And West). Each Comprised of kingdoms with unique skills/trades, built by the players on oasis! The Kingdoms Project is a plan to create large, spread out Kingdoms on the new map whenever it is released. Each kingdom will have its own ruler, theme, mascot, and special skills. Since we do not have access to the 1.10 map yet, we are taking time to plan out our kingdoms! Join us today at the warp proposed below! 
(This is basically a sort of build-off with no time limit. We hope to eventually have competitions between realms/kingdoms, but to get started we need player help and participation.)

Minecraft username:

Real name (recommended):


Proposed name of warp:
/warp kingdoms

Location of warp (coordinates):
4293x, 79y, -6545z facing south

Why do you deserve a warp?:
We have a big idea that we want to attempt once the smp2 map is released to players, and this is our time to plan. Many people have already showed interest in this project, and we a warp to the main planning location for ease of access. 

If your warp will be for a town, how developed is the skeleton of the town? Is it ready to be inhabited?: N/A
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Re: SMP2 Kingdoms Project! (And warp application)

Post by Espartemos on 7/21/2016, 11:45 pm

Application Accepted!
Enjoy your Warp!
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