[PSA] Couple of announcements!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!!

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[PSA] Couple of announcements!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!! Empty [PSA] Couple of announcements!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!!

Post by madscientist032 7/21/2016, 8:53 am

Two things!!

1. We have temporarily closed the Admin shop in Shop World as it is undergoing renovations. It has been sealed with bedrock to prevent players from intentionally glitching inside. Anybody who is caught buying or selling from the Adminshop during this time period will have their in-game bank accounts cleared out and reset to zero. This includes staff. I do not care if you buy and sell back what you purchased or if it was an 'accident'.
NO EXCEPTIONS!!! You have been warned.

2. Effective immediately Staff are FORBIDDEN to use world edit for Players. The only exception here are games such as Griefhouse, Buildoff, and Spleef. Otherwise if you ask a staff member to do a world edit they will say no. Do not go and ask the next staff member in line as they will also say "no". The staff have been made aware of this decision as of last night. We have had too many players ask for world edits and as a survival server, we cannot allow this to continue. In addition - do not ask staff to manually clear out land/build for you. This not only defeats the purpose of the above announcement but it also takes time out of their staffing schedule and does not let them focus on their own staff-related tasks.

That is all...Staff pm me here when you read this.

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