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NEW GROUP CHATS! (Party chats) Empty NEW GROUP CHATS! (Party chats)

Post by Revilo410 7/3/2016, 5:51 pm

Hello everyone, as some of you may know Ive been trying my hand at plugin coding recently and my latest addition to the server is a new plugin for group chats (party chats)

Firstly, this will not affect your current McMmo party chats (the ones that use /pc)

Also these group chats are global across all servers on the network; SMP, PVP, MINI, SMP2 etc. etc.

Whats new in these group chats? They are similar to how party chats have worked on oasis in the past with some new features!group

- Custom colours, you can change the colours of individual group chats
- Global across all servers
- You can be in multiple group chats at once! :D
- Things such as preventing people from joining your group chat if you need to
- Multiple modes for group chats!

So how does it all work?

Well you can find the command list in game with /group, or /group help, or /group help <page number>.

To create a group simply use /group create <group name> [password (optional)]

You can then chat in your group with /gc <message>

(Using /gc on its own will toggle group chat messaging so that your normal messages go to whatever group chat you have selected. Use this command again to turn off the toggle!)

Join a group chat with /group join <group name> [password]

If you are a member of multiple group chats then to choose which group you speak in use /group <groupname>

Leave a group with /group quit <group name>

If you are the owner of the group you can transfer ownership to someone by using /group transfer <group name> <player>. Note that you cant leave a group if you are the owner! You can delete a group with /group delete <group name>.

To change the colours of a group chat use /group color <group name> <chat color code> <name color code>

The above commands are all for what I call "Informal group chats" This is the default mode that chats are created in. They are very open and all players in the group have permission to do things such as changing colours. If you want a more secure group chat where only specific people can change colours, and a group that will also allow you to ban people from the group then you need to convert your group to a formal group chat. NOTE THIS CHANGE IS IRREVERSIBLE!

To convert your group do /group formal <group name>. Please note you must be the group owner for this command to work.

Once your group is a formal group there is no longer a group owner but instead group admins. If you were previously the owner you will now be the only group admin. Only group admins may change chat colours in a formal group.

To add a group admin use /group admin <group name> <player name>

To step down as a group admin you must use the same command on yourself. Note admins cannot be removed by other admins, they must step down themselves.

If you are the only admin in the group then you cannot step down as an admin, and you can't leave the group either. Either delete the group or appoint another admin.

To ban a player from the group chat do /group ban <group name> <playername>

Use the same command to unban someone from the group.

These are all the group chat commands! I hope you enjoy the plugin, if you encounter any errors which is very possible then please contact me so that I can fix it as soon as possible! And if you have any suggestions or feedback then please post a reply to this thread!

Here are some example commands:

/group create OasisIsBest ThisIsAPassWord
/gc Hey!
/group color oasisisbest 6 3
/group transfer oasisisbest revilo410
/group formal oasisisbest
/group admin oasisisbest oasismaximus
/group quit oasisisbest
/group join oasisisbest ThisIsAPassword
/group ban oasisisbest espartemos
/group ban oasisisbest espartemos
(To unban him because we're not that mean really :P)
/group delete oasisisbest

NEW GROUP CHATS! (Party chats) Revilo10
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NEW GROUP CHATS! (Party chats) Empty Re: NEW GROUP CHATS! (Party chats)

Post by Espartemos 7/3/2016, 7:03 pm

Revilo410 wrote:/group ban oasisisbest espartemos
/group ban oasisisbest espartemos
(To unban him because we're not that mean really :P)

Go ahead and leave me banned...I don't want to be in a group with you anyway.
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