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New Party Chat! Empty New Party Chat!

Post by OsgaTharp 6/13/2016, 1:08 pm

We have been without a partychat system for awhile now, and it is time that we introduce a new system. We will be enabling Mcmmo's party chat, but with modifications. I have disabled teleporting, experience share, and item sharing which just leaves the core functionality of the party chat system. 

The commands are as follows:

/party info - Gives help information about the party chat system.
/party create [name] [password] - Creates a party with a password. You can create a party without a password.
/party invite [playername] - Invites player to your party.
/party join [playername] [password] - Join a party without an invite.
/party lock;unlock - The party is locked by default to stop anyone from joining. You can lock and unlock to chose how people join.
/party kick [playername] - Kicks a player, and can only be done by the leader.
/party leader [playername] - Passes on leadership.
/party disband - Disbands the party.
/pc [message] - Sends a message to your party.
/pc - Toggles party chat. This means normal messages will be sent to your party without needing to type /pc before the message.

Please report any bugs to a staff member or make a response to this announcement so that we can fix an issue as soon as possible!
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