Lazarous Introduction

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Lazarous Introduction

Post by Lazarous on 6/11/2016, 3:52 pm

Minecraft Name : Lazarous

Real Name : Andrew

Age : 17

Location : New York

Hobbies : Playing games, Current events, History, Anything to do with Military (tactics, communication, intelligence), Movies

Background : I've lived in the Capital Region of New York my whole life. I am an active gamer and have been since I was three years old. Ever since I was about 12 I wanted to be apart of a community of people that share the same love of games that I do. I have been in a gaming community for about three months now. We are an ARMA 3 focused group but play many more games. My friend in that group, Play4Lol (I know him as Goreham) recommended me to your server and am happy to be apart of yet another community of active gamers. Overall, I don't believe in a gaming "master race" if you play games on any platform then you apart of the same gaming culture as the rest of us. Everyone that plays games is no better than another and we all have potential to do great things.

Facts About Me : 
- I leave for Basic Training in the Air Force on July 26th of this year
- Some of the first games I played were; Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of the Cortex (PS2), Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights (PS2), Call of Duty: Finest Hour (PS2) and Gun (PS2)
- I have two totes in my basement full of movies that I've watched, ~500.
- My family has a militaristic background, My great uncle fought in WW2, my grandfather fought in WW2, three of my aunts are in the military (2 Air Force, 1 Army) and two of my uncles are in the military (both air force)
- My grandfather helped build the LEM that was apart of the Apollo 11 mission.
- I have owned  two Nintendo 64s, one Nintendo Gamecube, three PCs, three PS2s, four Xbox 360s, 1 PS3, two Nintendo Wiis, one Nintendo WiiU, two Xbox Ones and One PS4. (did I mention I like games?)

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