Someone Griefed our Place/Town

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Someone Griefed our Place/Town Empty Someone Griefed our Place/Town

Post by kenzshaff2 on 6/9/2016, 10:34 am

I know i don't have evidence, we just got on(kenzshaff and serenav) but we noticed.
-Our bookshelves for our enchantment table are gone
-Someone let out our horses to down below our town
-Someone let out our chickens or killed them
-Someone stole a whole chest of food and brewing items (it was behind a wall, like a secret chest, dunno how they got to it)
Our town is /warp townkz
Please someone help, we wanna know who would do this.
We thought it was someone who has griefed us before, but he hasn't been on for 8 days and we've been on after.

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Someone Griefed our Place/Town Empty Re: Someone Griefed our Place/Town

Post by Espartemos on 6/9/2016, 11:20 am

Handled. The player had been previously banned.
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