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Agent_SH33P's Ban Apeal.

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Agent_SH33P's Ban Apeal. Empty Agent_SH33P's Ban Apeal.

Post by Agent_SH33P on 6/6/2016, 6:27 pm

My name is Agent_SH33P.
I was banned by ninjacreeper92.
I was banned for supposedly,"Griefing and stealing".
I believe I should be unbanned. Me and my friends think someone hacked into my acount or somthing.. I never griefed or stole at all. You have my utmost apology that this ever happened. I hope you will acknowledge this request. I would never grief, honestly.

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Agent_SH33P's Ban Apeal. Empty Re: Agent_SH33P's Ban Apeal.

Post by Kenyanot on 6/6/2016, 7:22 pm

Our logs show that you had griefed on multiple occasions. I don't believe your account was hacked, as each time you griefed your friends were also on at the time. If however by some magical reason your account was hacked, I'm sorry but we are not responsible for any problems with hacked accounts, your account is your responsibility. Your  appeal has been denied.
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