/Warp Smelter

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/Warp Smelter

Post by Hasko2 on 6/3/2016, 12:41 pm

Minecraft username: Hasko2

Real name (recommended): Stephen

Age: 14
Proposed name of warp: /Warp Smelter

Location of warp (coordinates):  -7190 / 14 / -3315

Why do you deserve a warp?: I think that this would be a great warp for the new members of the Oasis community because after a trip down to the mine, the smelting takes ages. A Normal furnace would produce one Ingot every ten seconds. The smelter I've build will produce 20 ingots every 15 seconds or so. The smelter is quite complicated to use, So I've provided a book telling you exactly what to do, so everyone can use it. Also, Nobody else has created one of these on Oasis before (I think..). 

If your warp will be for a town, how developed is the skeleton of the town? Is it ready to be inhabited?:

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Re: /Warp Smelter

Post by Espartemos on 6/3/2016, 1:04 pm

Warp Set!
Very well set up!
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