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ppayzant -member app

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ppayzant -member app Empty ppayzant -member app

Post by ppayzant 5/23/2016, 12:28 am

-Canada, Nova Scotia
-I found out about Oasis SMP from a friend
-I just started playing a few weeks ago on this server
-I Plan on being on this server a few times a week, its a nice break from school, work, etc.
-I have not voted for Oasis just yet, I want to play it for a bit longer before I vote for it
-NinjaCreeper92, who is a JrMod said he would be cool with vouching for me
-I would like to become a member of the Oasis Community because its a place where i can show off and also build my creations in a peaceful, friendly environment. The reason I believe i can be trusted is because i'm mature enough to differentiate from right from wrong (well at least i think so).

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ppayzant -member app Empty Re: ppayzant -member app

Post by 4emersons 5/23/2016, 12:36 am

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ppayzant -member app Empty Re: ppayzant -member app

Post by Espartemos 5/23/2016, 5:10 pm

Application Accepted!
Welcome to the Family!
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