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Why was I Banned?????

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Why was I Banned????? Empty Why was I Banned?????

Post by KraKra1_GamingYT on 5/13/2016, 5:55 pm

Minecraft username:
Mod/Admin who banned you:
Reason you were banned:
To be honest i have no clue why i was banned. My forums say 'ban evasion' what does this mean?
Reason you believe you should
I shouldn't be banned because i did nothing wrong. Every time i wanted to do something i wasn't sure about i would ask a staff online. If they would a proove i would do it, if they didnt i wouldn't. When i'm on this sever i keep to myself and to myself only. So I'm not sure why i was banned in the first. I clearly think that what ever did wrong wasn't my fault. I do ask for permission. I asked permission by one of the staff yesterday before i did a prank on someone. 

If any of the staff that were online yesterday, you know i asked for permission.

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Why was I Banned????? Empty Re: Why was I Banned?????

Post by purplert on 5/13/2016, 7:46 pm

Ban evasion is basically using an alt or another account to get back on the server. An old account with the same IP as you was previously banned, so thats why you were banned.
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