May i be a member?

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May i be a member?

Post by Derpiewick on 5/12/2016, 6:26 pm


Real Name:
Gwen Bankey


Spring Hill FL

How did i find out about this server:
I found out of Oasis from one of my friends

How long was i playing on this server:
I've only been playing for 2 months now

How often do i plan on being in this server:
I plan to play on this server daily

Have i voted:
I have voted, or wanted to vote, 5 times already

Who has vouched for me:
NinjaCreeper92 (JrMod) has vouched for me, he has recommended me to apply for a member

Why I should be a member and why i should be trusted:
I love the server because everyone is so nice and polite, i have been on worse servers where people were complete jerks, they were always griefing each other and was ALWAYS swearing.
I follow all rules and i will help those in need. Someone needed help and i was the first one to respond. I don't break the rules in any server. Even the ones that are ridiculous. I would help get the supplies someone needed and i will help build it. I want to help others and NOT make enemies. We don't need people to be mean, so i plan to be nice (Like everyone already is Smile) I hope i can help to the best of my ability.

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Re: May i be a member?

Post by Espartemos on 5/12/2016, 6:27 pm

Application Accepted!
Welcome to the Family!
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