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Appeal for Ban

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Appeal for Ban Empty Appeal for Ban

Post by PakandtheFlo 02/05/16, 09:11 pm

Hi, my ign is PakandtheFlo. Monday, May 2, 2016. I got banned for using Xray. I even admit i did use it. Since for 2 days. 
The ONLY reason i wanted to use it, to be greedy with Money on the server. That is very irresponsible, selfish, foolish and not a worthy member.
It was not fair for others, not for me now. That i got banned. 
Why i want to play on this server again, and follow rules?: Because now, after my punishment, i could change my rep. Back to normal. Play with the members of the server. Participate properly, and be a eligible, protagonist and worthy.
I've spoiled it for others and myself indeed.
Why the heck would you do it?: Because, it is too unfathomable to explain. I wish i've never done it, and continue to not do it.
Further more i would like apologize for my stupid acts, this is the last for the attention i've caused.
Im Sorry For this untrustworthy act. 
Banned by: HealthMagazine
Reason: Xray
Rewrite Permission from HealthMagazine.
Thank you.

Sincerely PakandtheFlo

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Appeal for Ban Empty Re: Appeal for Ban

Post by HealthMagazine 03/05/16, 12:35 pm

I will accept this by lowering it to a temp ban. Dont get in trouble again..
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