(Winners) OasisSMP 1.9 *first* (: Epic Promos AfterParty!

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(Winners) OasisSMP 1.9 *first* (: Epic Promos AfterParty!

Post by NinjaCreeper92 on 4/30/2016, 10:04 pm

First off I would like to thank everyone that came out to our first 1.9 Promos and AfterParty! Also congrats to all our winner! I know everyone could not win a donation prize but you guys and girls did great! We are planning on doing this again in the FALL with a lot more stuff! So keep an eye out for our next big AfterParty!


1) XxSkyGodxX $5 Donation Prize!
2) PandaGirl2112 $5 Donation Prize!
3) XxEpicGirlxX $5 Donation Prize!
4) ShadowWovle 5$ Donation Prize!

5) Arro_playz $10 Donation Prize!
6) Raybii $10 Donation Prize!
7) LivvyOasis $10 Donation Prize!
8) AlvinB $10 Donation Prize!
9) Mial0 $10 Donation Prize!
10) Purplert $10 Donation Prize!

If you have won a Donation Prize, Please reply under the Donation forums with the amount you have won and your total. Also you will need to paste the following in your forum post..

OasisSMP 1.9 Promos AfterParty $10 Donation Prize Winner
OasisSMP 1.9 Promos AfterParty $5 Donation Prize Winner

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