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Points on the minigames server!

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Points on the minigames server! Empty Points on the minigames server!

Post by Revilo410 on 4/25/2016, 1:47 pm

Hey everyone, I am just making this post to tell you all some things about how the minigames server works!

Firstly, you can get to a list of the minigames at /Warp Games!

We have now introduced a points system into the minigames world, playing minigames gets you points. The only minigame that uses them rn is WS, but they will appear in more games soon.

In WS you will earn points depending on how long you survive in different games, or if you do things like reach the top in WSTower.

With these points you can unlock new classes in WS which can give you item upgrades and in your WS prefix a little chevron to display your tier, such as [WS>>] for Tier 2!


So hopefully this will encourage you to go play some more minigames!

Visit /Warp WSHub on the minigames server today! :D

Points on the minigames server! Revilo10
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