Shatang's Apology To The Server

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Shatang's Apology To The Server

Post by Shatang's Apology Account on 4/19/2016, 12:28 am

It's been a while... it really has. 
I've definitely made a lot of mistakes in my life, attacking Oasis being one of them. Why did I do this? I was immature and was bored of this game. Although I may not play Minecraft anymore, I did feel that it was appropriate for me to admit to my mistakes and apologize for them. Im sorry guys, I'm so sorry for disrupting the server with spam and harassing the Admins and Moderators. Even after I was banned from the server, I was so frustrated that I decided to take it out on the forums as well by creating multiple accounts and making threads shaming others. I let the negative things going on in my family get to me and ended up taking it out on here. For that I am truly sorry and I have learned from my mistakes.
I know it's short, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I feel bad for what I did.
Keep enjoying the game, I know I will always remember the positive things Oasis brought to me growing up, it really did help me grow and mature in the right way.

sorry for the bad english, it's really late and I'm tired :(

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