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Lilly345 -member app

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Lilly345 -member app Empty Lilly345 -member app

Post by wolfindian 4/3/2016, 9:54 am


I would rather not say my name or age 

United States Of America 

I found out about the server from Snowball0922 and Bluespeedy11

About a year or so

I will play this server 'till i cant anymore
Yes i have voted many times 

Iwolfyplays zethexar patuator have all vouched for me

I would love to become a member because i love playing on oasis and i would love to be more involved i also am a nice player i don't swear and follow the rules!

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Tree Puncher

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Lilly345 -member app Empty Re: Lilly345 -member app

Post by bluespeedy11 4/3/2016, 11:19 am

blue is also vouch cuz hes cool

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Lapis Miner

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Lilly345 -member app Empty Re: Lilly345 -member app

Post by Fithboy 4/3/2016, 4:42 pm

Welcome to Oasis!
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