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The 1.9 PvP Experience

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The 1.9 PvP Experience Empty The 1.9 PvP Experience

Post by OsgaTharp on 3/27/2016, 3:11 am

With the release of 1.9 I would like to introduce a new PvP experience. Now that SMP and PvP are on separate servers, I am able to do so much more exciting things with the world. So what's new?

In the world there are combat zones in which unique bosses can spawn. Yes, bosses. These bosses have custom spells and attacks to absolutely demolish anyone who challenges them. For example, spawning minions, shooting fireballs, or sending you flying in the air. You will need to fight these bosses in teams of 3-5 to get out alive. These bosses will drop unique loot and give lots of experience so be the first to kill them! Bosses will respawn every 3 days.

The End
In previous maps we weren't able to support the end, but times have changed. Similar to smp, you can kill the end dragon multiple times.

Combat Changes
1.9 brought an abundant of changes to PvP, some good some bad. However, some changes have been made through plugins to better the PvP experience. Enchanted apples have a cooldown and have been slightly nerfed. You cannot enderpearl or teleport when tagged for combat. If you log out when combat tag, you are instantly killed. 

If you attempt to border hop (Hit someone and run back into spawn) then you can be chased into spawn and be killed by the person who you hit if they were able to hit you back before you entered spawn. 

Open to new suggestions!
There isn't much that I can't do when it comes to adding things to the world, and I am open to suggestions. I put in plugins that I thought would be fun for everyone and spice things up, but if you can think of anything else you want in the world feel free to reply to this post or make a new thread in the PvP forums. There are a few things that will not be added: Factions, kit plugins, and other plugins that create too much of a gap between new and old players such as mcmmo. This server is for you guys, tell me what you want!
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