Oasis-SMP 1.9 Stylized and updated!

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Oasis-SMP 1.9 Stylized and updated! Empty Oasis-SMP 1.9 Stylized and updated!

Post by Paxination 3/26/2016, 5:58 pm

Ok so for starters, we have finally updated.  Sorry for the long delay but we had a huge technical issue that put us way behind.

Ok now lots of things have changed.  We are no longer a single server setup on SMP.  We are now officially a Bungee Cord network on SMP.

We have SMP, which is the main/lobby world.

Then we have PVP

And then we have MINI

To access these servers, for the time being, do /server SERVERNAME

For example if you want to do pvp, you'll do /server pvp

We've decided to split up these 3 concepts so that we could tailor to them in an easier environment.  And this also means we can bring more features to either of them now as well.

We hope this will provide a better experience for all.

There is now a global chat to chat to everyone on all servers

Its:  /g

example:  /g Heyo, any one else out there?

There is also a new [TAB] and a /glist

Also have a /chat PLAYERNAME

This starts a convo with that player, and all msgs from here on out go to that player.  To disable do /chat

EG: /chat Paxination
EG: /chat

Please keep in mind this is all new grounds for us.  There are going to be bugs.  Just let the staff know, and we'll do our best to get things fixed.

Now..there is another big change, the veteran group has been renamed to Oasian  I'm not gonna go into details on this or why.  But rest assured, that's the only thing changed for this rank.  You still have all the same perms as before AND same default colors too.  The rest will be unveiled during April promos.

The 1.8 map will be available for download in the near future.  Just keep an eye out for another announcement about its release.
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