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My Ban appeal - PigTG

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My Ban appeal - PigTG Empty My Ban appeal - PigTG

Post by OGSwaggityGuy600 on 2/11/2016, 3:55 pm

Minecraft username: PigTG / PeterTheWiener

Mod/Admin who banned you: HealthMagazine

Reason you were banned: MInor greifing, impersonation of staff

Reason you believe you should be unbanned:
I slipped over the rules and didn't realize griefing wasnt allowed, when i was told to stop I immediately regret it and I threw out what I have mistakenly stole, my inventory still got cleared so I got really angry and told the JrMod I was the owner and I demanded my stuff back (Keep in mind i'm on special vitamins, no joke) I really didnt know I was gonna get banned and when I did I decided to join on a new account and then got banned for invasion immediately! I really miss playing on this server ill reread the rules and do my best to follow them. Please consider pardoning me! Thanks.
Sincerely, PigTG / PeterTheWiener

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My Ban appeal - PigTG Empty Re: My Ban appeal - PigTG

Post by HealthMagazine on 2/11/2016, 4:06 pm

To quote my ban... "perm no appeal ever ahahaha"... that includes today, tomorrow and wednesday too. But anyhow the reason why is you took it as a joke. And when I told you griefing wasnt allowed and that you have stolen items, you said you didnt steal and that your friend did. I asked why is he griefing and you said "hes famous" ..... wat.... also no. You lied to staff, you claimed to be an owner AND you griefed ANNND ban evaded. Thats 4 rules broken... sorry but you will have to find a new server to troll on. Since you cant acknowledge the rules.
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