If you know me,Shugg Look at this

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If you know me,Shugg Look at this

Post by Shugg on 2/2/2016, 7:36 pm

So you guys Probaly Have Heard of me or actual play with me I have grown to love this server and play it all the time.
But Recently I went to TheEnd To Kill the EnderDragon And Someone killed it I went home and got a piston for him and came back I ran to the egg but endermen were chasing me I asked this person for help but they watched me die and lost 70 levels so I'm quitting I'm sorry I will miss it

BUT I will do a poll and if you want me to stay vote if you don't vote no
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Re: If you know me,Shugg Look at this

Post by TheFluffyKitsune on 2/2/2016, 9:06 pm

So... Let me get this straight.

First off I try to be nice and show you around the place a little, help you get here and there and all of that. Result of that was that you did a /sethome in my place and didn't remove it when I asked you to. Mad himself had to remove it and tell you why.

Then you ask out another player on the server to be your GF or whatever it is you asked her and then you continued bits of drama here and there when she said no, as it would be expected when asking someone out over a game.

And now this. A little issue with another player over the ender dragon.

I think I'll drop my vote after leaving this comment and move right along.

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Re: If you know me,Shugg Look at this

Post by Shnoork on 2/2/2016, 9:25 pm

Woah, drama llamas

Death is a normal part of SMP. If you cant deal with it then go play a creative server or, better yet, stick to single player.

Oh, and levels are super easy to come by. As long as your around when the dragon is slain, you can expect a bunch of experience. Not to mention the fact that the dragon egg automatically appears in the inventory of the one who killed it (or that was the case a while ago, at least)

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Re: If you know me,Shugg Look at this

Post by ThunderHorse on 2/2/2016, 10:07 pm

Let me ask this. 

Why would you quit because one person made a simple choice as to not help you? Death is suppose to happen in SMP and levels are so easy to obtain. I can obtain twice that amount of levels in under an hour just by mining. Theres no point in creating drama over something so minor. Also the dragon egg automatically appears in the inventory of whoever killed the dragon unless this has changed since my internet got shut off a long time ago.

Long story short theres so point in creating drama over this and leaving for such a dumb reason. Not everyone in this world will help you all the time, theres people out there who all they want to do is ruin your time here.
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sry in advance for typos - it's late, I got home late, and moop

Post by Lina on 2/2/2016, 10:50 pm

It's really up to you whether or not you stay, regardless of poll votes. You run your life.
If you do stay, the most important thing to keep in mind would probably be to respect others, and generally try to get along with people. Those people may end up helping you later.

Whether you stay or not, here are some more ways to get exp though without touching Jeff the Dragon (I call him Jeff), and some other stuff that might help (I put the text in a spoiler bar so it wouldn't take up a ton of room on the post):
Click this for info:

- Mining quartz (build a nether portal or use a public one if you can find it) This way has been the most efficient for me, the key is to find an area of the nether where the surface quartz hasn't already been mined to death. You could try strip mining the nether, I haven't had to resort to that yet. Enderpearls help a lot with travel in there. Plus you can sell off all the qaurtz in a chest shop, or directly to admin shop.
- Mob grinders - either find a spawner and build one, or use a public one (I believe some towns have public spawners) (/warp xbootyville has a public skele grinder, I put more info on that below)
- Smelt all the things you can find to smelt (cobble, netherrack, ore blocks, food, etc)
- Breeding animals, Fishing, mining other ores, [etc] also give xp

When you have some enchanted gear, you could retry the dragon. Over time, you will most likely find players you can trust to help you with the kill. It is possible to kill it yourself eventually if you wish to not go with people. Bring a decent sword to murder the endermans if the get angry ;-; (no flame swords though, it makes them get even more spooky)

You can also vote twice a day for 300 coins, save money, and buy maxed enchant books to save time and exp working on gear. Last I checked, there were a few people selling enchant books in shopworld (fignewton I think? and I remember gr00ve's shop if it's still there). If you ask around, others may also be selling. The shop sysstem can take some getting used to, but it is very useful.

Useful warps I remember:
/warp shop
/warp shop2
/warp mall
/warp adminshop
/warp atlantis (is advertised to contain a grinder, I have not checked it out myself though)
/warp warp (this gives a whole wall full of town/minigame/farm/shop/etc warps)
/warp xbootyville (has a public skele grinder I built a while back, follow the left road past the huge rainbow house and there are stairs to it underground. Please read the rules there.)

Shnoork wrote:Woah, drama llamas
As long as they don't have hats, we are good:

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Re: If you know me,Shugg Look at this

Post by Revilo410 on 2/3/2016, 11:19 am

I'm going to lock this topic, leaving the server is 100% your decision as everyone else has said above me ^

We aren't going to force you to stay or make you leave :3

But bare in mind we are SMP, Survival Multiplayer, and sadly dying is all part of the experience, no matter the cost :3


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