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Assassin_crazy5's JrMod Application

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Assassin_crazy5's JrMod Application Empty Assassin_crazy5's JrMod Application

Post by assassin_crazy5 2/1/2016, 6:57 pm

MineCraft Username: assassin_crazy5

Real Name: Timothy Santaw

Age: 15

Location: America

How long have i been playing on this server: I have been on this server for about A week  and a half now the staff have been very helpful. I am experienced enough that now I am answering a Players question when mods don't respond.

I plan on being on this server for as long as possible. I am enjoying myself and would like to make my experience better by becoming a JrMod.

(MOD)Satan would vouch for me i would hope because he has been very helpful and suggested I try to become a Mod. ( If any mods i am leaving out... please remind me)

I have helped out many players on the server and i am a very good leader. I haven't done anything on the server that are against the rules and i constantly remind my friends and other players not to spam or swear.

Please put me on the JrMod staff. I would appreciate it and use it to the good of the server.
Thank You, Tim Smile  

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Assassin_crazy5's JrMod Application Empty Re: Assassin_crazy5's JrMod Application

Post by SilentSubscriber 2/1/2016, 9:50 pm

Not being rude or anything, but i believe you have to be at least trusted to apply for JrMod. I think there is also a period of time, but I'm not exactly sure on that. 
Also, there needs to be a bit more meat, because it seems a bit short. If you go back to the staffs application and read the others, there is a lot more stuff in them. I hope this helps (^v^)

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Assassin_crazy5's JrMod Application Empty Re: Assassin_crazy5's JrMod Application

Post by Espartemos 2/1/2016, 10:09 pm

As Silent has said above you must be at least trusted rank to apply for staff. By the looks for it you haven't even applied for Member (The rank that sets you on the path for higher ranks) info for which can be found here


I will lock this app, however I invite you to reapply once you meet the credentials by either having staff unlock this app or just posting a new one!
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