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Post by Asteryd 1/28/2016, 10:20 pm

My MC name is Asterid.

My real name is Shea (Pronounced Shay)

I am 14 years old, going on 15 in several months.

I live in Colchester, CT.

My friend Edward (DestructionFad7) told me about the server because some of our other friends play on it, too. He wanted me to join it with everyone else.
I have been playing on this server since last September/October.

I normally play on this server every day, but sometimes it's every other day. I go on MC quite often, and this is my favorite server to play on. 

I have voted for Oasis using both the links shown when I do /vote. I've done it almost every day I go onto the server.

Madscientist, DestructionFad7, Espartemos

I would like to become a member on Oasis because I was first of all told by Admin, Trusted, and some friends that have also been playing on oasis that I would be a great helper as a member, and the owner himself told me that he would accept my request ASAP. I have also been told that the Members get to help out other people, and I do that in the diamond mire warp on oasis. You can trust me because I can enforce rules in a nice way, I have been in several "dealing with people" programs where I am in charge, and I've been here for a pretty long time, and haven't been banned a single time. I've been given copies of rule books, but not banned. I am also honest, attentive, and can deal with player problems. The only thing I need now is permission. P faceSmile

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Post by madscientist032 1/29/2016, 7:05 am

Approved! Asterid is now member rank.

P.S - PM me to have your original "Asterid" forum account unlocked! You've been here longer than the "Asteryd" account claims :)

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