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PLease un-ban Eevee_Knit

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PLease un-ban Eevee_Knit Empty PLease un-ban Eevee_Knit

Post by eevee_knit on 1/16/2016, 8:21 pm

My 7-year old son admits to stealing and says he will never do it again. He could not respond to your inquiries (nor could I) because we was saw was "You cannot move, you've been frozen" scrolling up the screen. I do not have enough minecraft knowledge to know how to scroll up the messages.

He is sorry. I hope you give him a second chance. If he steals again, I hope you ban him for life.


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PLease un-ban Eevee_Knit Empty Re: PLease un-ban Eevee_Knit

Post by Espartemos on 1/16/2016, 8:34 pm

Appeal Accepted.
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