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Post by LaurenScheller 12/28/2015, 3:20 pm

Minecraft username:

Real name (recommended):



New York City, New York, United States, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe, Multiverse

Where did you find out about Oasis SMP?:

Until today, I had only heard rumors.  Whispers of a wonderful secluded little pocket of Minecraft, untouched by the ravages of the noob horde.  My good friend MasterZeff informed me that such a place did, in fact, exist.  

How long have you been playing on THIS server?:

My total game time, including loitering, has been about an hour and a half. 

How often do you plan on being on THIS server?:

I try to limit my time on most servers to a range between two and six months.  However, after seeing your gorgeous spawn and receiving an uncommonly warm welcome from the community, I can safely say that I will be extending my stay well past that (That is, if you'll let me).

Have you voted for Oasis at Minestatus or Mineservers?:
No.  If this is a requirement, I will happily do so
Name any Trusted, Trusted+, Artisans, Veterans, Architects, JrMods, Mods and/or Admins who would vouch for you (Do not assume, you have to specifically ask if they'll vouch):
2iguys, PrincessOliviaMC
Why do you want to become a member of the Oasis Community? How do we know you can be trusted? (Please say more than just "I don't grief" or "I am going to record"):

I was once a glorious warrior.  My enemies scattered before me, fleeing for their lives.  Alas, time has caught up to me. My reflexes have slowed.  My sword grows heavier in my hand each time I swing.  These old bones of mine yearn for a place to settle down, and perhaps retire.  In other words, I've gotten tired of hammering people that don't even strafe.  From what I've seen, your staff are experienced, your builds are great, and your community is definitely one I'd like to be a part of for the foreseeable future.  Cheers!

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GAMER1232012's Member Application Empty Re: GAMER1232012's Member Application

Post by Fithboy 12/28/2015, 4:47 pm

Hahahaha loved reading this. Welcome to Oasis.
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