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Post by SuperXboxGamer 12/25/2015, 12:04 am

+Age: 15
+Real Name: Khang or Kenny
+Location: Hanoi,Vietnam
I have been on several SMPs before along with my friends as well as with some of my UHC friends.

I like to cave and PVP as well as build houses and stuff. I don't normally grief but sometimes I do troll but I always make sure I can recover the damage.

Me and my friend FlankRoute have been looking for Private Vanilla SMP servers so we can actually build things without being griefed or when we are building farms and stuff without people stealing. I have been also looking for a friendly server where people don't focus on PVP everyday and so we can give new players an actual chance to play.So in conclusion, I have found this server to be the perfect fit for me and I sincerely hope I can be a 'Member' or have the member rank to feel more 'included'. If this application isn't accepted then I still feel completely fine playing without it and I don't see any disadvantages besides having the name next to mine to 'feel' like I'm something in the serverĀ 

Active Ability:
- Online 4 days per week?

Tks for reading this application and please reply

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Post by Agwyn 12/25/2015, 2:34 am

~Congrats on Member!~

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