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Ban appeal for spamming

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Ban appeal for spamming Empty Ban appeal for spamming

Post by Treematt31518 on 12/7/2015, 10:24 pm

Minecraft Username: Treematt31518

Ban reason: Vanilla Ban (It was because I was spamming)

Banned by: It says I was banned by a console

reason I want unbanned:
I'll admit I was spamming on the server hub. I know I should have not done this. I'm not this way anymore and I should respect players more. I would like to play here and have friends come also! I will never do this again. I have made sure I read the rules very well to make sure I do not break another one. If you would like to unban me, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Ban appeal for spamming Empty Re: Ban appeal for spamming

Post by Paxination on 12/7/2015, 10:49 pm

Approved, Welcome back to the community!
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