Horror stories at 4AM

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Horror stories at 4AM

Post by jandavey on 10/27/2015, 7:10 am

Literally, I just messed up my human laptop. I was just updating to Windows 10 and the laptop decides to go pof. Upon turning on the laptop again, nothing is working. It boots up to Windows 7, but the Windows 10 update is still stuck running. Trying to force it to close using ctrl + alt + delete and then selecting the task and closing it just crashed the laptop. Wifi/Ethernet didn't work so I couldn't get online support from Moopcrosoft. I did literally everything, attempting to restore to factory conditions, crying into the computer screen, and eventually, I just decided to get out an old hard drive and copy to my Samsung 850 EVO using the Samsung Magik copier software thingy. Now here's the hellenistic part:
It was downloading at 2-4MB per second and needed to download 20GB of data on to the solid state drive.
This is the part where I have a mental breakdown I'm up at 4AM with the new drive and I plug it into the laptop and it's working now. Just had to sit down and tweak some settings a little bit and it's almost as if the laptop never messed up. But thank Jesus Christ that laptop was not my Macbook or my Dellog Leaftop from Planet Leaf. That would've made me cry.

   In other news, the Earth doesn't revolve around the sun. The Earth revolves around George Glass. Oh, and btw, don't ever try to touch human technology, it's weird, hard to understand, and will probably break and make you drink lots of Starbucks and keep you up at 4AM in the morning.

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Re: Horror stories at 4AM

Post by ThunderHorse on 10/27/2015, 11:19 am

Sounds like my past experience with updating a Playstation 3. Except something went wrong and all my settings somehow got changed and took over a week to attempt to fix till i gave up. Thankfully i know a certified computer programmer and he was able to fix it and update it within a few hours.

Now if only i can get this older computer game to work. It's a older ambulance simulator (2002) but problem is the game works fine except for one problem, the screen stays black during gameplay. Like the radio mini map and everything else you can see byt the gameplay screen is just black. Probalt gonna take it to him again and see if he can fix it.
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