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Application For veteran Empty Application For veteran

Post by GMan2511 10/23/2015, 4:31 pm

Hello my name is GMan2511 i had to change my username but my real ign is GMan2511
so you may know me by GMan1125 mad and pax :D and i have been playing on your server for a long time almost 2 years so i was wondering if i could get veteran and maybe Jr.Mod i cant play during the week so sorry about that but other wise i will be on most of the time. I really want to become veteran or Jr.Mod if this didn't appeal to you can you tell me what I can do to become veteran or Jr.Mod thank you for your time!    Also my skype is : RageSMP


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Application For veteran Empty Re: Application For veteran

Post by OasisMaximus 10/23/2015, 5:37 pm

Hey Gman, to apply for veteran or jrmod you must use the correct format for the rank that you want to apply for. However, I'd advise you to wait longer with applying for either of them. Most people apply for them after they've been active for maybe the last four months at minimum.
Last but not least, forum join date = official join date, so you have officially been here for half a year.
I'm locking this for now, if you decide to apply for one of the ranks you can make a new post :).

Unrelated, but since you mentioned your namechange in the post, do you want your forum username changed? Just give me a PM here or a /mail in game, or ask any other staffmember!
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