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KHayes Ban Appeal

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KHayes Ban Appeal Empty KHayes Ban Appeal

Post by WhereIsClans on 10/17/2015, 9:38 am

Minecraft username: KHayes

Mod/Admin who banned you: Aquaticblood

Reason you were banned: Fly Hacking

Reason you believe you should be unbanned: I understand why am I'm banned but I believe I should be unbanned because I simply wasn't fly hacking. I was in an area that didn't allow placing blocks, so naturally, I try to climb up the spruce leaf wall with my water bucket in the short time the water source stays. Eventually and occasionally, the water wouldn't disappear on my screen, but with my knowledge of minecraft and servers, I knew that the water would not be visible on anyone else's screen. Then I decided to show someone so they thought I was fly hacking when really I was just swimming up the glitchy water source, that was only on my screen. I know I did bring this joke too far and I apologize for that. I have proof that what I said was true in this link.  (It has the picture I took incase something like this happened) https://imgur.com/QLUuewc

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KHayes Ban Appeal Empty Re: KHayes Ban Appeal

Post by Aquatic on 10/17/2015, 12:49 pm

Alright I did bring this ban to the attention to all the staff members and we had a pretty lengthy discussion about it.

We had some players experiment with the ghost block glitch but there was a problem, we could see their blocks. There were no ghost block. All the water spawned and they still didn't have permission to hop on the ledge. Also in core protect there were logs of you placing water. Which would counter-act your ghost blocking glitch excuse.

But, Say I do believe your ghost block glitching excuse. That would mean you purposely used an exploit to troll other players into thinking you were hacking and also wasting staff time to figure out everything that happened. If you would've reported the Bug/glitch(as it states in the rules) I might have been more lenient but as of now.

Your appeal is :
KHayes Ban Appeal Denied10
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