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Mining Guide

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Mining Guide Empty Mining Guide

Post by Bain on 7/19/2015, 10:29 pm

Bain's Mining Guide!
Section I - Mining Techniques
Strip Mining

Section II - Tips and Tricks
Ender Chests

Section III - Inventory and Tools
Inventory Layout
Tool Usage

Section IIII - Saftey

Mining Techniques
Strip Mining:
Strip mining is a strategy in which you mine straight and branch off in several directions. There are ways to make this very efficient which I will explain here in this guide. My way of strip mining is to make a two block wide, two block tall tunnel and go straight, then branch off to the sides every three blocks. These sub branches will only be a set distance, (5-10 blocks). Strip mining is meant to cover a big area while only breaking a limited amount of blocks.
Caving is most likely the best way of mining. It doesn't require you to break any blocks and it takes you down to diamond level. Ores are always showing all over the walls as well. While that may seem easy, navigating isn't. It's easy to be running around in a cave then have no clue where you are. How to navigate is based on personal preference, so find a style that best fits you.

Tips and Tricks
One strategy that I like to use is to set a home in the cavern/mine. This may seem rather pointless, but it's actually very helpful when your inventory fills up. When your inventory gets full, simply warp to your main home/base/bunker and store your un-needed items and warp back to your mine. This allows you to mine endlessly without having the worry of your inventory space getting clogged up.
In addition to using homes, enderchests can be used to empty out your inventory, although they are less efficient. They only have twenty seven slots so use them wisely. Enderchests are probably best for storing your most valuable items, so when your inventory is full, place all of your diamond and emerald in the Enderchest, this will keep them safe.

Inventory and Tools
Inventory Layout:
It's best to keep your inventory as empty as possible. My recommended items are: A sword, a shovel, a fortune pickaxe, three or four iron pickaxe's, a stack of food, some water buckets, a stack of wood, and lots of torches. It's best to keep the water at the ready in case you fall into lava, and always have your sword/weapon ready for any mobs who come near. The actual layout of your inventory isn't as important as what's in it.
Tool Usage:
Preserve your tools! For instance, don't use your fortune diamond pickaxe's to strip mine, that's what iron pickaxe's are for. Your iron pickaxe's should be used for any sort of strip mine, even if they're really slow. A good tip for preserving your tools is to be patient and only break blocks that you need to break, don't break a ton of blocks to make the cave look like your house, it's a waste of tools and time.
There are several different enchantments for pickaxe's that can enhance your mining experience. They will be listed below:

Efficiency: This enchantment allows you to mine blocks faster

Unbreaking: This enchantment gives your tool more durability, making it last longer.

Fortune: This gives diamonds ore, emerald ore, redstone ore, coal ore, and lapis ore higher drop rates. You'll possibly get more items per block.

Silk Touch: This enchantment makes blocks drop as they appear. For example, a grass block will drop a grass block instead of dirt.

At the same time mining is fun, it's plenty dangerous, you have to take a lot of precaution when mining or you will end up in lava. When around lava, always hold shift, look out for mobs, and place extra blocks around you to be sure you won't be shot into the lava by a skele. You never know when an arrow will fly at you. When strip mining, or mining in general, never dig straight up or down. Digging straight up may cause gravel to drop on and suffocate you, or lava to burn you. Digging straight down will kill you in so many ways that I can't list them, just don't do it. Always be on the lookout for mobs and kill them on first sight, leaving them around will get you killed, especially if they swarm around you. As an extra precaution, it's best to wear level thirty enchanted diamond armor, it will save you the greater majority of the time.

Thanks for reading my guide!
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Mining Guide Empty Re: Mining Guide

Post by Dr_Roboto on 4/1/2016, 4:03 pm

Really good job!!!
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