Major connection issues

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Major connection issues

Post by ThunderHorse on 6/30/2015, 12:51 am

Ok for some odd reason since that massive storm hit me three days ago my internet connection has been really screwed up. Now my internet crashes every 2-10 minutes so if it looks like I'm disconnect and rejoin spamming I'm not, i'm just having some major connection issues. My chat will freeze for a good minute and I cant interact with anything then about half of the time My internet crashes and the other half the time it resumes but my chat gets spammed with all chat sent in that time frame then usually lose connection after that. 

I'm trying to get it fixed as quick as possible. I'm just putting it out here so everyone is aware of this issue so I don't look like i'm spamming. 

If you're trying to ask me something in-game and I don't answer then leave this is why.
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