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Post by Buffsheep9 on 6/29/2015, 4:25 pm

In /warp MiddleEarth, MrDerpysquid1, FunkeyMonky12, and I were building a home when Funkeymonky12 and Mr.Derpysquid1 had found some heads lying around MiddleEarth and put them in our library. I asked where they had found the heads and funkeymonky12 led me to creeperbomb157's and my house in the mountain. So I placed all the heads back in there thinking creeperbomb157 had placed the heads in there. Yesterday creeperbomb157 told me (Over Skype not in game) that the heads were not his. If there is a way to find out where the heads belong, please find out because I wish to give the heads to their rightful owners. Also, 4 of the heads were mine which I placed back in their spots.[url=#4957510] ThankMisunderstanding Arrow-10x10[/url] you.  Smile
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