My Ban

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My Ban

Post by Kittys___****** on 6/28/2015, 10:04 am

Hi, I recently changed my username and was banned because  of it. I feel offended because 1.Mojang allowed me to have this name and 2. nothing in the rule book said an innaprorpriate name was bannable... second off Kitty and all of them were being mean and rude to me calling me an ass,turd,stupid etc. when rem came on I told him and he knew nothing was in the rule book that said my name was bannable and he took all the players side just because they were higher ranks...

rem is a horrible staff member and did not handle this professionaly, train your staff better because I feel very offended that he was being so prejadouse, or how ever u spell it.

I would like to hair the owners opinion and demote rem until hes more qualified to handle matters like this professionally instead of kicking me then banning me when he was right their when people were calling me an Ass and stuff and did nothing about them.

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