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Post by TheFluffyKitsune on 6/27/2015, 6:40 pm

Why hello there!

Hello! My Minecraft username is, obviously, Xbox. But my real name is Zach, although there is a possibility of that being changed later on in life for certain reasons I don't really want to disclose to anyone that reads this, even though a few people within the server know why. I've made one of these before, but that was years ago. I thought that I should probably make another in case someone wishes to know more about me. So without further adeau, here we go.

I was born, raised, and still living within the Hot/Wet state of Texas, up in the northeast corner near Dallas. I currently live in a city that is both a part of Texas and a part of Arkansas since the border for the states goes directly through the middle of it all. Out here, we are currently experiencing peridoic rain storms but we are not getting any flooding, or at least no flooding in major areas. The area around the Red River is rather flooded, but no one really lives out there nor are the highways anywhere near being flooded, so we're good on that. But thanks to the constant rainstorms we get year-round, it is SO HUMID! Take a walk outside and in a few moments you will start to sweat your butt off, regardless of exercise. As for the people around here, think about half of the 30,000+ population being your generic radical anti-gay confederate 'christian'. While some christians aren't like this, and thank God for that, most of them are and it's very hard to fit in with some of the town due to this situation. I only hope they come to reason and logic so we don't become a town for WBC. Aside from that, the lack of technology within this town is rather annoying for someone like me and a few of my IRL friends. Most people here do not know how to set up a printer wirelessly or figure out how to change their password on online services. While those aren't really common issues, it's still annoying when they ask me, one of my friends, or anyone I met in IT for that matter to come do it for them. On top of all of that, the school I went to hardly specialized in tech. There were, say, perhaps three tech classes overall. But we were very thankful that one of the teachers went out of her way to teach multiple computer subjects per day, such as Game Design, Web Mastering, Computer Science, and Robotics. It was all fun in those classes, but the rest of the non-computer classes were your generic snoozefests with mostly boring teachers, and I'm not saying that because I like computers. Monotone teachers aren't really people you want to listen to. 

But that's not the only good/bad part of my time in school. I was a part of the high school's marching band, and we were one of the best in the area. If we attempted to go to State every year, we would have wound up at Area and State each year, but we did a "State Year" and a "Not State Year" routine, swapping back and forth per year. Marching band with these guys was great most of the time, quite fun and high spirited, and none of these kids were radical christians as I stated above. Some were christian, but nowhere near radical, and we all got along with each other juuuuuust fine.

With that being said, I will be moving to Tempe Arizona within two months from today. Dry heat will beat humid heat any day in my opinion. I will be going there to attend UAT, or the University of Advancing Technology. A college for tech-eccentrics and tech-lovers like myself to pursue digital media, robotics, game development, possibly hacking, and possibly other fun things. It is a private University, so there will not be a lot of people attending it to my relief. The dorms there seem to have more than enough room for two people, although the dorm styles are one room has one bathroom or two rooms have one bathroom. The college has very high ratings, and there seem to be quite a few activities to do there after classes are over with. It should be a pretty fun experience when I eventually go there.

But back to my personal life, I love gaming, which is a very common thing to hear. Thankfully I am not addicted to gaming, but I am a rather hardcore player. That doesn't relate to multiplayer games that much, as I like to play casually at that, but I do enjoy spending a lot of my free time playing games. Aside from that, I enjoy drawing up some things. I use Photoshop to draw since my parents have the Student Creative Cloud service going for me due to school, so that was always available. I plan on getting more drawing programs since I managed to get a drawing tablet a while back, but I haven't really been using the tablet all too much. 

Here are some drawings I have made:

Some MLP stuff

Griffon OC, as most 'bronies' say. SHE MIEN! o^o

This was a commission for a friend. He still owes me $5, but I've let it slide.

My Unicorn OC. SHE MIEN TOO! o^o

Deal with it edit. Don't like it? Look at the photo above.

As for the reason why I was away from the server for so long, I want to go ahead and explain why I left and what all I did in my away time, in relation to my supposed experience as a moderator as I've said on my JrMod application. 

I had spent a lot of time in the server during 1.2.5-1.3. I was on nearly every day doing random things, and I had donated $50 to the server during that time. But I could never really find myself fitting into the community back then and I was very nervous I was going to mess up on something and get banned for it. After Minecraft started to get a little....stale, since I knew absolutely nothing about Redstone during the time, I went ahead and left the server, somewhat afraid to return and come back to being banned for who-knows-what. (I want to clarify that I DID follow the rules during that time. I never tried to break any of them and I still don't.)

After I left, and since I was a major MLP fan at the time (I even had [Brony] as my prefix.), I had found a chatting website for Bronies called "". This is where I obtained my chatroom experience. The website was a giant chatroom where every user can make a free account and either join or create new chatrooms, or rather Clouds, to converse about things and/or roleplay in. They also had an app version of the site for iOS and Windows Phone, although they did not have a version for Android whatsoever. The community there was pretty great when I had first started out on it; most of the people were mature adults (And don't judge them for liking a kids' show.), plus the kids that were there were pretty well-behaved, happy, and ready to talk about things like the show. 

Over the time I was away, I explored other games and their communities like Gmod servers and TF2 servers. They were pretty fun to play in since they all had their own fun mods to use. Eventually I became a good part of those communities as well and soon found myself moderators of the servers, in addition to being a moderator in some of the most used public Clouds on Cloudsdale. To add onto that, some of the servers had their own sets of forums, so I became quickly aquainted with what all goes on within a forum such as this one. 

It was all good and fun, and where I learned to text-roleplay pretty well, until the servers I played on just seemed to run out of funds and eventually shut down. Either that or the server just... Changed, for the worst. Now I don't really mod any Gmod or TF2 servers, and Cloudsdale shut down forever because the owner of that wanted to make a new chatting website that is nowhere near available. So I was kinda cast out into the open world of the Internet again, for a time. Then I decided to come back here with newfound experience.

Although I do keep contact with a few of the friends I managed to get their Skype/Kik/GH/Twitter for, most have seemed to move on with their lives, which is rather saddening....

But anyway, that's my little story. 

I may continue to update this with new things I may have forgotten. If you read this, thank you for taking the time to do so. 

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Re: Intro Intro INTRO

Post by 333DYNAMO333 on 6/27/2015, 11:16 pm

I can understand living around radical Christians, half my school is like that and when they discovered my beliefs in partial evolution they would not talk to me. They had their group and i had mine, they really do not talk to me much at all anymore as me and my friends are the "outcasts" if you will. Well seeing as i wore a kilt at school i don't blame em. So much for all love and no hate, lol.

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