cool add ons like mcmno

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cool add ons like mcmno

Post by bluespeedy11 on 6/25/2015, 6:12 pm

1. maybe pet dragons that will be cool u can ride them and stuff

2. appertices [I got the idea because  my broken arm] they can craft and do stuff for u but u hAve to teach them first

3. custom biomes not custom custom like 1 biome  has more iron then anther

4. custom bosses like diamond armour wither skull a ton

5. senors [for staff] so on a staff house they can se alrms that go off all over the sever and freeze the guy in place and they
cant move

6.better shops so villlagers can now make their own shops

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Re: cool add ons like mcmno

Post by ThunderHorse on 6/25/2015, 7:56 pm

I doubt any of these will happen for the following reasons that i have listed to match your idea numbers. HOWEVER I might be wrong and some of this could happen. 

1) pet dragons would be a bad thing as first off that takes the point out of survival being able to ride a dragon. Flying is not part of survival and flying on a dragon is considered flying. and how would you summon them without the /summon command. Plus what purpose would they have.

2) with apprentices you could just have another player help you. But if your refering to like a mob it would take a brand new plugin to perform stuff like this and making it craft the correct items would be impossible without the need of some sort of controling it. A lot of items can be crafted from just one single type of item so there would need to be a control box to tell this Apprentice to craft this specific item, then it would need to get rid of that item wether it be dropping them on the ground or put in a chest. I would think this would be a nightmare to program into the server but i very well could be wrong as I have no experience with plugins. 

3) with the biomes idea, all biomes are pretty much all like this, some will have more iron then coal and others might have more diamonds then iron an so on. I have seen plenty of biomes that prove my statement 

4) I would see nothing wrong with a diamond wither boss however it would have to be done through a plugin that the staff would have to add, configure, and do everything a plugin needs. Its not as simple as typing "add plugin" into conosole, plugins are very complex and can be a nightmare to confirgure to work with all the other plugins. 

5) it is a good concept on sensors but there is no practical use for them. If a build gets griefed staff fix it. Theres nothing that can be done to keep people out of other player's builds. If staff catch people in a house that is not theirs staff deal with it. Plus staff can just freeze that player with a simple command.

6) that is next to impossible if not impossible as a NPC cannot place signs and enter stuff that requires a real player to type in to make a shop possible. NPC's are not programmed to perform these kinds of tasks. If it even is remotely close to possible it would take at least a week to even figure out how to modify an NPC to the point where it acts like a real player. Villagers are not actual players they are a programmed mob in minecraft so its highley unlikely there is ever gonna be a way to modify them to the point where they are no longer NPCs which is actually impossible because then they need something to control them. I might be wrong on this but based on what I know from this kind of stuff I just do not see this beign at all possible.
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