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Ceptus Ban Appeal

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Ceptus Ban Appeal Empty Ceptus Ban Appeal

Post by Ceptus on 6/21/2015, 4:53 pm

Reason I should be unbanned: I Don't Know a Reason. But I Just Wanna Say Im Sorry For What I Did. It was my fault for not reading the rules at the time i griefed. But If you would give me another chance i promise i would never ever do it again. I hope you consider it. Thx! :D Take Care!

Tree Puncher
Tree Puncher

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Ceptus Ban Appeal Empty Re: Ceptus Ban Appeal

Post by Aquatic on 6/23/2015, 6:51 am

Because you didn't try to defend your actions and admitted it. I will give you another chance, please daon't make me regret this. Final Chance.

Ceptus Ban Appeal Approv10
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