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BestChimp -Member Application-

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BestChimp -Member Application-  Empty BestChimp -Member Application-

Post by Bestchimp 6/12/2015, 8:49 pm

Minecraft Username: BestChimp

Real name: Tyler 

Age: 15

Location: Arkansas

Where did I find out Oasis SMP?: Kat_Sykes told me about it while we were in a skype call with other friends.

How long have I been playing this server?: I joined a couple months ago but I've been on and off due to school and other situations.

How often do I plan to play on this server: I plan to play about a couple hours everyday or every other day mainly because I do have to help my parents around the house and watch my sisters occasionally.

Have I voted for Oasis at www.bit.ly/oasisv: I think I made have, but I will try to do it more often now because I'm out of school.

People who will vouch for me: Kat_Sykes

Why do you deserve "Member" status: I believe I could be a wonderful addition to the community with my knowledge of building and other abilities. I am a very friendly person who will try to keep the peace between the players of the server, and I will try to help the new guest if they need it. While I am new-ish, I will become a very respectful player overall and I would love to get member if you'd let me.

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BestChimp -Member Application-  Empty Re: BestChimp -Member Application-

Post by cake_katt__ 6/12/2015, 8:51 pm

yes yes my lil chimpy finally applied
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BestChimp -Member Application-  Empty Welcome to the Family!

Post by Agwyn 6/13/2015, 8:17 pm

Please welcome a new member to the Oasis Family!

Hope you have a fantastic time here on Oasis!
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